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Stephen F. Huss, Ph.D.

I am                

        A seeker

                             A learner

                                                A teacher

 Welcome to my website.

The five books and other writings found here are the direct result of all of the above. Each effort required me to seek knowledge and truth. Researching and writing each one allowed me the opportunity to learn something that helped me improve my own life—sometimes very profoundly. And, through writing, I have attempted to share something important with others that might enrich their respective lives through thought and observation. Like all life-time learners, my interests and personal life situations determined the topics presented here. Like all teachers, I want to share.

For those who wonder about the integrity of the work, I do have some more formal credentials.

Dr. Huss holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from St. Louis University, an MA in History from Southeast Missouri State University, and a BSE from The University of Central Arkansas, He served as one of the founders and the President and Chief Executive Officer of the COMTREA Community Comprehensive Health Center in Jefferson County, Missouri, from 1974 to 2016. Huss taught as an adjunct-instructor in American History for over 20 years at the Jefferson Community College in Hillsboro. He also has taught World Religions, Western Civilization, and American Politics.


He served as the historian for the Jefferson County Bicentennial in 2018 and gave thirty-four Highlights of Jefferson County History presentations to over two thousand people. Dr. Huss has presented over two hundred workshops to the St. Louis community on topics such as preventing youth violence, alcoholism and other drug abuse prevention, Jefferson County History, teaching children of divorce, motivation in the classroom, Seven Habits of Effective People, management effectiveness, values clarification and stress management. He has published five books and had over a hundred articles published in newspapers and magazines.


He is a member of the Fletcher House Foundation, is vice-president of the Jefferson County Heritage and History Society, and serves as a Missouri State Mental Health Commissioner.